IEEE 3000 Standards Collection™ for Industrial & Commercial Power Systems

Learn more about the family of industrial & commercial power system standards formerly known as IEEE Color Books.


IEEE 3000 Standards Collection™ is the trademarked name of the family of industrial and commercial power systems standards formerly known as IEEE Color Books.

The full name of the collection is “IEEE 3000 Standards Collection™ for Industrial & Commercial Power Systems”.

About IEEE Color Books
The 13 Color Books were a set of recommendations that suggest best practices for analyzing, planning, calculating, coordinating, protecting and assuring the safety of the power system elements.

Some of the books dealt with specific facilities such as industrial plants, commercial buildings, or heath care facilities. Others covered specific technical topics like emergency and standby power systems, protection and coordination, power systems analysis, grounding, powering and grounding sensitive loads, and reliability.

The original Color Books contained an abundance of information and fast changing technology made keeping the books up to date a challenge.

IEEE 3000 Standards Collection
The IEEE 3000 Standards Collection, overall, includes the same content as the Color Books but is now organized into approximately 70 IEEE “dot” standards that cover specific technical topics. This enables power systems engineers to select exactly the information they require. It also helps assure them they are conforming to current best practices and that the latest technologies are reflected.

The new format creates a more manageable and accessible set of standards that can be quickly revised, edited and balloted.

How to Get Involved
Both experts and young engineers are needed for participation in the eight working groups creating the IEEE 3000 Standards Collection. If you would like to get involved please contact the IEEE-SA Staff Liaison for more information.