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P81 - Guide for Measuring Earth Resistivity, Ground Impedance, and Earth Surface Potentials of a Grounding System The purpose of this guide is to present practical instrumentation methods that may be used for measuring soil resistivity, the impedance to remote... Active Project
P644 - Standard Procedures for Measurement of Power Frequency Electric and Magnetic Fields from AC Power Lines The purpose of this standard is to establish uniform procedures for the measurement of electric and magnetic field levels from overhead ac power... Active Project
P656 - Draft the Measurement of Audible Noise from Overhead Transmission Lines Uniform procedures are established for manual 1 and automatic measurement of audible noise from overhead transmission lines. Their purpose is to... Active Project
P802.3 - Ethernet This standard defines Ethernet local area, access and metropolitan area networks. Ethernet is specified at selected speeds of operation; and uses... Active Project
P802.11 - Specific Requirements - Part 11: Wireless LAN Medium Access Control (MAC) and Physical Layer (PHY) Specifications The purpose of this standard is to provide wireless connectivity for fixed, portable, and moving stations within a local area. This standard also... Active Project
P802.15.4 - Low-Rate Wireless Networks The standard provides for ultra low complexity, ultra low cost, ultra low power consumption, and low data rate wireless connectivity among... Active Project
P802.16 - Draft Air Interface for Broadband Wireless Access Systems This standard enables rapid worldwide deployment of innovative, cost-effective, and interoperable multivendor broadband wireless access products,... Active Project
P802E - Recommended Practice for Privacy Considerations for 802 Technologies The purpose of this recommended practice is to promote a consistent approach by IEEE 802 protocol developers to mitigate privacy threats... Active Project
P1127 - Guide for the Design, Construction, and Operation of Electric Power Substations for Community Acceptance and Environmental Compatibility This guide provides guidance on community acceptance and environmental compatibility for new substations or substation expansions. Active Project
P1159.3 - Recommended Practice for Power Quality Data Interchange Format (PQDIF) IEEE 1159.3 provides the power quality industry with the specification for PQDIF, which is an open and accepted data format standard for the... Active Project
P1159 - Recommended Practice for Monitoring Electric Power Quality This recommended practice provides users with a consistent set of terms and definitions for describing power quality phenomena. An understanding... Active Project
P1250 - Guide for Identifying and Improving Power Quality in Power Systems The primary purpose in writing this guide is to assist power delivery system designers and operators in delivering power with voltage quality that... Active Project
P1402 - Guide for Physical Security of Electric Power Substations The purpose of this document is to define sound engineering practices for substation physical protection that could be applied to mitigate the... Active Project
P1547.1 - Standard Conformance Test Procedures for Equipment Interconnecting Distributed Energy Resources with Electric Power Systems and Associated Interfaces Interconnection equipment that connects distributed energy resources (DER) to an electric power system (EPS) shall meet the requirements specified... Active Project
P1547 - Draft Interconnection and Interoperability of Distributed Energy Resources with Associated Electric Power Systems Interfaces The technical specifications for, and testing of, the interconnection between utility electric power systems (EPS) and distributed energy... Active Project
P1588 - a Precision Clock Synchronization Protocol for Networked Measurement and Control Systems This standard defines a network protocol enabling accurate and precise synchronization of the real-time clocks of devices in networked distributed... Active Project
P1595 - Testing and Performance for Optical Phase Conductor (OPPC) for Use on Electrical Utility Power Lines This standard covers the construction, mechanical and electrical performance, acceptance criteria, and test requirements for overhead optical... Active Project
P1615 - Draft Recommended Practice for Network Communication in Electric Power Substations Recommended practices for communication and interoperation of devices connected on an electric power substation Internet protocol (IP) network are... Active Project
P1646 - Standard Communication Delivery Time Performance Requirements for Electric Power Substation Automation Uitilities will use communication performance requirements as part of a procurement specification to develop new substation automation systems, or... Active Project
P1704 - Utility Industry End Device Communications Module Utility End Devices such as meters are becoming utilized as smart metering devices in Advanced Metering Infrastructure environments. The purpose... Active Project
P1711 - a Cryptographic Protocol for EPS Serial Links The elevated concern of cyber security throughout the power industry has created a need to protect communications to and from substations or other... Active Project
P1901.1.1 - Standard Test Procedures for 1901.1 Medium Frequency (less than 15 MHz) Power Line Communications for Smart Grid Applications This standard specifies test procedures for compliance and interoperability testing of devices implementing the IEEE 1901.1 standard "... Active Project
P1901.1 - Medium Frequency (less than 15 MHz) Power Line Communications for Smart Grid Applications This standard specifies Physical (PHY) and Media Access Control (MAC) layers of the medium frequency band (less than 15 MHz) broadband powerline... Active Project
PC37.2 - Standard Electrical Power System Device Function Numbers, Acronyms, and Contact Designations A device function number, with an appropriate prefix and appended suffix (or an acronym), is used to identify the function(s) of each device... Active Project
PC37.91 - Guide for Protecting Power Transformers The purpose of this guide is to provide protection engineers with information that helps them to properly apply relays and other devices to... Active Project
PC37.102 - Guide for AC Generator Protection This Guide summarizes the use of relays and devices such that the reader may select the necessary equipment to provide adequate protection for AC... Active Project
PC37.112 - Standard Inverse-Time Characteristic Equations for Overcurrent Relays The inverse-time characteristics of overcurrent relays are defined in this standard. Operating equations and allowances are provided in the... Active Project
PC37.116 - Guide for Protective Relay Application to Transmission-Line Series Capacitor Banks The purpose of this guide is to provide the reader with ample discussion of the protection issues related to series capacitor bank design.... Active Project
PC37.230 - Guide for Protective Relay Applications to Distribution Lines This guide educates and provides information on distribution protection schemes to utility engineers, consultants, educators, and manufacturers.... Active Project
PC37.237 - Draft Standard Requirements for Time Tags Created by Intelligent Electronic Devices - COMTAG(TM) Common requirements for associating time tags with data items recorded or transmitted by Intelligent Electronic Devices (IEDs) are established in... Active Project
PC57.123 - Guide for Transformer Loss Measurement The purpose of the guide is a) To describe the basis and methodology by which the accuracy requirements of (Clause 8 and Clause 9) of IEEE Std C57... Active Project
PC62.11 - Metal-Oxide Surge Arresters for AC Power Circuits (> 1 kV) To define tests that demonstrate that an arrester can survive the rigors of reasonable environmental conditions and system phenomena while... Active Project
PC62.43.1 - Guide for Surge Protectors and Surge Protective Circuits Used in Information and Communication Technology Circuits (ICT), Including Smart Grid - Part 1 Applications This Guide covers the application of surge protective devices (SPD) and surge protective circuits (collectively called surge protectors) used to... Active Project
PC62.220 - Guide for the Application of Surge Protective Devices for the Smart Grid The purpose of this document is to outline how surge protective devices play an integral part in improving the operability and reliability of the... Active Project
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