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Power and Energy Projects
1277 - Standard General Requirements and Test Code for Dry-Type and Oil-Immersed Smoothing Reactors and for Dry-Type Converter Reactors for DC Power TransmissionThe purpose of this standard is to provide those in the HVDC industry, manufacturers and "end users", a document that defines and specif ... active Project
1307 - IEEE Draft Standard for Fall Protection for Electric Utility Transmission and Distribution on Poles and StructuresGeneral recommendations for fall protection and rescue are provided. Sufficient details of the methods, equipment, and training requirem ... active Project
1368 - Guide for Aeolian Vibration Field Measurements of Overhead ConductorsThe measurement of Aeolian vibration of overhead conductors is currently being carried out by use of a variety of devices and methods. T ... active Project
1378 - Guide for Commissioning High-Voltage Direct-Current (HVDC) Converter Stations and Associated Transmission SystemsThe purpose of this guide is to provide guidance and assistance for developing an appropriate commissioning test plan for HVDC converter ... active Project
1402 - Guide for Physical Security of Electric Power SubstationsThe purpose of this document is to define sound engineering practices for substation physical protection that could be applied to mitiga ... active Project
1406 - Guide for the Use of Gas-in-Fluid Analysis for Paper and Laminated Paper-Polypropylene Insulated Cable SystemsThis guide is intended to provide users of pipe-type cable systems, both high-pressure fluid-filled (HPFF) and high-pressure gas-filled ... active Project
1407 - Guide for Accelerated Aging Tests for 5 kV to 46 kV Extruded Electric Power Cables Using Water-Filled TanksThe purpose of this guide is to provide users of accelerated aging tests and the resultant data with detailed insight into important tes ... active Project
1427 - Guide for Recommended Electrical Clearances and Insulation Levels in Air Insulated Electrical Power SubstationsProper electrical clearances are necessary for the design, construction, and operation of electric supply substations. This document dev ... active Project
1453 - Voltage FluctuationsFlicker Standard for the Analysis of Fluctuating Power Installations on Power SystemsThe purpose of this document is to provide definitive guidance to system operators, owners, and engineers who are responsible for provid ... active Project
1484.21 - Task Model for Project-based LearningThe TMPL standard allows multiple applications to develop and share consistent data about project-based learning opportunities. active Project
1493 - Guide for the Evaluation of Solvents Used for Cleaning Electrical Cables and AccessoriesThis guide provides test methods and acceptance criteria for critical properties which determine the acceptability of a solvent for clea ... active Project
1523 - IEEE Draft Guide for the Application, Maintenance, and Evaluation of Room Temperature Vulcanizing (RTV) Silicone Rubber Coatings for Outdoor Ceramic InsulatorsThe various important aspects that need to be considered for satisfactory long-term performance of Room Temperature Vulcanizing (RTV) Si ... active Project
1531 - Guide for Application and Specification of Harmonic FiltersNo specific standard exists for harmonic filters, although standards do exist for virtually all of the components that are used in a fil ... active Project
1542 - IEEE Draft Guide for Installation, Maintenance, and Operation of Irrigation Equipment Located Near or Under Power LinesThe guide is intended for designers, installers, and operators of the irrigation equipment, as well as electric power utilities whose li ... active Project
1553 - Standard for Voltage Endurance Testing of Form-Wound Coils and Bars for HydrogeneratorsThe purpose of this standard is to define the test parameters for the voltage-endurance test and the number of specimens to be used for ... active Project
1561 - IEEE Draft Guide for Optimizing the Performance and Life of Lead-Acid Batteries in Remote Hybrid Power SystemsThis guide is applicable to lead-acid batteries 1 that are used as the energy storage component in remote hybrid power supplies. The rem ... active Project
1562 - IEEE Draft Guide for Array and Battery Sizing in Stand-Alone Photovoltaic (PV) SystemsInformation to assist in sizing the array and battery of a stand-alone photovoltaic (PV) system is provided by this guide. Systems consi ... active Project
1578 - IEEE Draft Recommended Practice for Stationary Battery Electrolyte Spill Containment and ManagementDescriptions of products, methods, and procedures relating to stationary batteries, battery electrolyte spill mechanisms, electrolyte co ... active Project
1584 - IEEE Draft Guide for Performing Arc-Flash Hazard CalculationsThis guide provides mathematical models for designers and facility operators to apply in determining the arc-flash hazard distance and t ... active Project
1591.3 - Standard for Qualifying Hardware for Helically-Applied Fiber Optic Cable Systems (WRAP Cable)The purpose of this standard is to establish performance and testing specifications for hardware used on WRAP cable systems in order to ... active Project
1594 - Standard for Helically Applied Fiber Optic Cable Systems (WRAP Cable) for Use on Overhead Utility LinesOther existing standards do not cover all-dielectric fiber optic (WRAP) cable designed to be helically wrapped around a conductor or oth ... active Project
1595 - Standard for Testing and Performance for Optical Phase Conductor (OPPC) for Use on Electrical Utility Power LinesThis standard covers the construction, mechanical and electrical performance, acceptance criteria, and test requirements for overhead op ... active Project
1613 - Standard for Environmental and Testing Requirements for Intelligent Electronic Devices (IEDs) Installed in Transmission and Distribution FacilitiesThe purpose of this standard is to define the environmental conditions present in transmission and distribution facilities and to establ ... active Project
1613-2009/Cor 1 - Standard Environmental and Testing Requirements for Communications Networking Devices Installed in Electric Power Substations - Corrigendum 1: Corrected definition of "communications port"This document specifies standard service conditions, standard ratings, environmental performance requirements, and testing requirements ... active Project
1613.1 - Standard Environmental and Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Testing Requirements for Intelligent Electronic Devices (IEDs) Installed in Transmission and Distribution FacilitiesThis standard establishes the electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) testing requirements for all devices or systems utilizing analog and/o ... active Project
1614 - Field-Testing of Shielded Power Cable Systems Rated 5 kV and Above with Continuous Alternating VoltageThe purpose of this guide is to provide general instructions and test parameters, including voltage level and duration, for field tests ... active Project
1615 - IEEE Draft Recommended Practice for Network Communication in Electric Power SubstationsRecommended practices for communication and interoperation of devices connected on an electric power substation Internet protocol (IP) n ... active Project
1617 - Guide for Assessment, Mitigation, and Control of Corrosion of Metallic Shields in Extruded Dielectric Cables rated 5 kV to 46 kVThe purpose of this document is to provide guidance for the assessment, mitigation, and control of corrosion in metallic shield wires, s ... active Project
1637 - Guide for Selecting and Applying Terminations for Shielded Alternating-Current Power Cable Rated 5 kV - 46 kVThe purpose of this project is to guide the reader in selecting and applying terminations for shielded-power cable 5 kV - 46 kV. active Project
1646 - Standard Communication Delivery Time Performance Requirements for Electric Power Substation AutomationUitilities will use communication performance requirements as part of a procurement specification to develop new substation automation s ... active Project
1654 - Guide for RF Protection of Personnel Working in the Vicinity of Wireless Communications Antennas Attached to Electric Power Line StructuresElectric utilities are required to meet the requirements established by applicable regulations [e.g., Occupational Safety and Health Adm ... active Project
1665 - Guide for the Rewind of Synchronous Generators, 50 Hz and 60 Hz, Rated 1 MVA and AboveThis guide will provide the generator Owner with insight into the considerations that are necessary when rewinding or refurbishing a gen ... active Project
1679.2 - IEEE Draft Guide for the Characterization and Evaluation of Sodium-Beta Batteries in Stationary ApplicationsThis document provides guidance for evaluation of the characteristics and performance of sodium-beta batteries by a potential user for s ... active Project
1687.1 - Standard for the Application of Interfaces and Controllers to Access 1687 IJTAG Networks Embedded Within Semiconductor DevicesThis standard enables users of the IEEE 1687-2014 Internal-JTAG "Standard for Access and Control of Instrumentation Embedded within a Se ... active Project
1709 - IEEE Draft Recommended Practice for 1 kV to 35 kV Medium-Voltage DC Power Systems on ShipsGuidelines to specify, procure, design, manufacture and develop manuals, safety procedures, practices and procedures for effective maint ... active Project
1711 - Standard for a Cryptographic Protocol for EPS Serial LinksThe elevated concern of cyber security throughout the power industry has created a need to protect communications to and from substation ... active Project
1711.1 - Standard for a Cryptographic Protocol for Cyber Security of Substation Serial Links: Substation Serial Protection ProtocolThe elevated concern of cyber security throughout the power industry has created a need to protect communications in the EPS. This stand ... active Project
1711.2 - Standard for Secure SCADA Communications Protocol (SSCP)This standard defines the Secure SCADA Communications Protocol (SSCP), a cryptographic protocol to provide integrity, and optional confi ... active Project
1719 - Guide for Evaluating Stator Cores of AC Electric Machines Rated 1 MVA and HigherThe purpose of this guide is to provide assistance to engineering and maintenance personnel responsible for planning, performing, and as ... active Project
1776 - Recommended Practice for Thermal Evaluation of Unsealed or Sealed Insulation Systems for AC Electric Machinery Employing Form-Wound Pre-Insulated Stator Coils for Machines Rated 15 000 V and BelowThe purpose of this procedure is to classify unsealed or sealed insulation systems for the machinery used inusual (normal) service or ma ... active Project