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P269 - Measuring Electroacoustic Performance of Communication Devices The purpose of this standard is to provide laboratory test methods for evaluating the electroacoustic performance of communication devices. Active Project
P370 - Electrical Characterization of Printed Circuit Board and Related Interconnects at Frequencies up to 50 GHz. The purpose of this standard is to define methodologies by which high-quality scattering parameters (S-Parameters) can be obtained for electrical... Active Project
P686 - Standard Radar Definitions This standard is published for the purpose of promoting clarity and consistency in the use of radar terminology. The definitions represent the... Active Project
P1071 - Application Guide for an Engineered Restoration Program for Failed Transmission Structures This document identifies key elements for implementing a program for temporary transmission line restoration structures in a safe, efficient, and... Active Project
P1278.2 - Draft Distributed Interactive Simulation (DIS) - Communication Services and Profiles Communication services to support information exchange between simulation applications participating in the Distributed Interactive Simulation ... Active Project
P1875 - Recommended Practice for Method of Measurement for Passive Intermodulation for Digital Television and FM In-Band-On-Channel Transmission Components This recommended practice provides a standard measurement method for Passive Intermodulation (PIM) primarily for broadcast transmission site... Active Project
P1900.1 - Standard Definitions and Concepts for Dynamic Spectrum Access: Terminology Relating to Emerging Wireless Networks, System Functionality, and Spectrum Management New concepts and technologies are rapidly emerging in the fields of spectrum management, spectrum trading, cognitive radio, dynamic spectrum... Active Project
P1900.5.1 - Standard Policy Language for Dynamic Spectrum Access Systems The purpose of this standard is to define a policy language for interoperable, vendor-independent control of Dynamic Spectrum Access functionality... Active Project
P1900.5.2 - Method for Modeling Spectrum Consumption This standard defines an analytical framework of necessary modeling constructs which can be used to express the boundaries of spectrum consumption... Active Project
P1900.6-2011/Cor 1 - Draft Spectrum Sensing Interfaces and Data Structures for Dynamic Spectrum Access and other Advanced Radio Communication Systems. - Corrigendum 1 This corrigendum to IEEE Std 1900.6TM-2011 modifies terms and definitions in response to comments received during the approval process of the IEEE... Active Project
P1900.6b - Spectrum Sensing Interfaces and Data Structures for Dynamic Spectrum Access and other Advanced Radio Communication Systems. Spectrum Database Interfaces Amendment The purpose of this standard is to define spectrum sensing interfaces and data structures for dynamic spectrum access (DSA) and other advanced... Active Project
P1900.7 - Draft Radio Interface for White Space Dynamic Spectrum Access Radio Systems Supporting Fixed and Mobile Operation This standard enables the development of cost-effective, multi-vendor white space dynamic spectrum access radio systems capable of interoperable... Active Project
P1901.2a - Draft Low-Frequency (less than 500 kHz) Narrowband Power Line Communications for Smart Grid Applications - Amendment 1 An amendment to the IEEE Std 1901.2-2013 standard for narrowband power line communications (PLC) via alternating current, direct current, and... Active Project
P1903.1 - Content Delivery Protocols of Next Generation Service Overlay Network (NGSON) This standard enables network operators, service/content providers, and end users to provide and consume content services based on advanced... Active Project
P1903.2 - Service Composition Protocols of Next Generation Service Overlay Network (NGSON) This standard enables network operators, service/content providers, and end users to provide and consume composite services based on advanced... Active Project
P1903.3 - Self-Organizing Management Protocols of Next Generation Service Overlay Network (NGSON) This standard enables NGSON network operators to reduce OPEX of NGSON networks based on self-organizing management capabilities of NGSON including... Active Project
P1904.1 - Service Interoperability in Ethernet Passive Optical Networks (SIEPON) The purpose of this standard is to build upon the IEEE 802.3ah (1G-EPON) and IEEE 802.3av (10GEPON) Physical Layer and Data Link Layer standards... Active Project
P1904.2 - Management Channel for Customer-Premises Equipment Connected to Ethernet-based Subscriber Access Networks This standard describes a management channel for customer-premises equipment (CPE) connected to Ethernet-based subscriber access networks. The key... Active Project
P1904.3 - Radio Over Ethernet Encapsulations and Mappings This standard enables the transfer of In-phase Quadrature (IQ) user-plane data, vendor specific data, and control and management (C&M)... Active Project
P1906.1 - Draft Recommended Practice for Nanoscale and Molecular Communication Framework This recommended practice provides a definition, terminology, conceptual model, and standard metrics for ad hoc network communication at the... Active Project
P1907.1 - Network-Adaptive Quality of Experience (QoE) Management Scheme for Real-Time Mobile Video Communications The purpose of this standard is to enable network operators, application developers, service/content providers, and end-users to develop, deploy... Active Project
P1908.1 - Virtual Keyboard Indic Languages The standard brings the benefits of Indic language computing to the vast majority of Indic language users. Active Project
P1910.1 - Meshed Tree Bridging with Loop Free Forwarding The purpose of this standard is to specify the methods for establishing several tree-like structures on an existing topology. The protocol... Active Project
P1911.1 - HDBaseT Specification Version 1.1.0 HDBaseT is a connectivity standard which consolidates high throughput, unidirectional, HDCP protected, uncompressed high definition digital... Active Project
P1911.2 - HDBaseT Specification Version 2.0 HDBaseT is a packet based; switched networking standard which consolidates networking of high throughput, time sensitive data and control streams... Active Project
P1911.3 - HDBaseT 5Play The HDBaseT standard defines a protocol for communicating 5Play over a single long distance Local Area Network (LAN) cable. Building on the... Active Project
P1912 - Privacy and Security Architecture for Consumer Wireless Devices This standard describes a common communication architecture for diverse wireless communication devices such as, but not limited to, devices... Active Project
P2030.1 - Guide for Electric-Sourced Transportation Infrastructure This guideline provides methods that can be utilized by utilities, manufacturers, transportation providers, infrastructure developers and end... Active Project
P2030.5 - Smart Energy Profile Application Protocol The purpose of this document is to define the application protocol to enable utility management of the end user energy environment, including... Active Project
P2030.6 - Guide for the Benefit Evaluation of Electric Power Grid Customer Demand Response The purpose is to aid electric grid companies or other organizations evaluate the status, benefits, and effects of customer demand response. Active Project
P2410 - Draft Biometrics Open Protocol Standard Biometric Open Protocol Standard (BOPS) provides Identity Assertion, Role Gathering, Multi-Level Access Control, Assurance, and Auditing. The BOPS... Active Project
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