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P98 - IEEE Draft Standard for the Preparation of Test Procedures for the Thermal Evaluation of Solid Electrical Insulating Materials

This standard provides principles for the development of test procedures to evaluate the thermal endurance of solid electrical insulating materials thermally aged in air. The test procedures use accelerated thermal endurance test(s), conducted in accordance with prescribed procedures herein. The thermal endurance value for a measured property can be assigned based on one of two methodologies: * Thermal Index [TI] which establishes the thermal index value by means of a pre-selected time coordinate. * Relative Thermal Index [RTI] which establishes the thermal index value by comparison of the performance of a new material to the performance of the same property of a known material. For RTI there is no pre-selected time coordinate; the correlation time is determined based on the results of the known material under laboratory conditions. Both TI and RTI are Long Term Thermal Aging [LTTA] methodologies.The test procedures covered by this standard apply to the thermal endurance of solid insulating materials, including processed compositions of raw materials, before they are fabricated into insulating structures identified with specific parts of electrical equipment. Tests for specific types of insulating materials, such as wire enamel, varnish, sheet, tape, etc. are not within the scope of this standard.
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