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P802.15.8 - IEEE Draft Wireless Medium Access Control (MAC) and Physical Layer (PHY) Specifications for Peer Aware Communications (PAC)

The purpose is to provide a global standard for scalable, low power, and highly reliable wireless communications for emerging services such as social networking, advertising, gaming, streaming, and emergency services. Existing standards may be able to provide parts of the envisioned PAC services, but no single standard provides infrastructureless peer-aware communications with fully distributed coordination.This standard defines PHY and MAC mechanism for Wireless Personal Area Networks (WPAN) Peer Aware Communications (PAC) optimized for peer to peer and infrastructureless communications with fully distributed coordination. PAC features include: discovery for peer information without association, discovery signaling rate typically greater than 100 kbps, discovery of the number of devices in the network, scalable data transmission rates, typically up to 10 Mbps, group communications with simultaneous membership in multiple groups, typically up to 10, relative positioning, multihop relay, security, and operational in selected globally available unlicensed/licensed bands below 11 GHz capable of supporting these requirements.
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