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P29119-5 - ISO/IEC/IEEE Draft International Standard Software and Systems Engineering -- Software Testing -- Part 5: Keyword-Driven Testing

This International Standard provides an efficient and consistent solution for keyword-driven testing by: * giving an introduction to keyword-driven testing; * providing a reference approach to implement keyword-driven testing; * defining requirements on frameworks for keyword-driven testing to enable test engineers to share their work items, such as test cases, test data, keywords, or complete test specifications; * defining minimum requirements for tools, which are necessary to fully utilize keyword-driven testing. These requirements could apply to any tools which support the keyword-driven approach (e.g. test automation, test design and test management tools); * defining interfaces and a common data exchange format to ensure that tools from different vendors can exchange their data (e.g. test cases, test data and test results); * defining levels of hierarchical keywords, and giving advice when to use hierarchical keywords, when to use "e;flat"e; structured keywords, and describe specific types of keywords (e.g. keywords for navigation or for checking something); * providing an initial list of suggested generic technical (low level) keywords, such as "e;inputData"e; or "e;checkValue"e;. These keywords can be used to specify test cases on a technical level, and may be composed to create business level keywords as required. This standard is applicable for all those who want to create keyword-driven test specifications, create corresponding frameworks, or build test automation based on keywords.
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