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P1910.1 - Standard for Meshed Tree Bridging with Loop Free Forwarding

The purpose of this standard is to specify the methods for establishing several tree-like structures on an existing topology. The protocol leverages any useable path rather than eliminating possible alternate links. Upon changes to the topology, the meshed tree protocol will converge in zero time through the immediate use of alternate pre-determined viable pathways on failure detection.This standard specifies a meshed tree bridging protocol for the purpose of forwarding unicast, multicast and broadcast frames in a loop free forwarding topology with zero convergence time on detection of link or switch failure. The meshed tree scheme imposes low operational and control overhead by operating through local information dissemination without flooding or forwarding link details to all switches in the topology. Advanced features are incorporated from the ground-up by defining two additional mutually non-exclusive modes; secure and static topology construction.
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