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P1673 - IEEE Draft Standard for Requirements for Conduit and Cable Seals for Field Connected Wiring to Equipment in Petroleum and Chemical Industry exposed to pressures above atmospheric (1.5 kilopascals, 0.22 psi).

The purpose of this standard is to develop a set of requirements to evaluate sealing fittings for field installation in cable and conduits systems for equipment subjected to pressures higher than 1.5 kilopascals (0.22 psi) containing flammable or combustible process fluids. It will include recommendations for evaluation and installation of the product. A failure of seals could allow the migration of flammable process fluids and gases to unclassified areas containing ignition sources.The scope of this standard is to develop design, evaluation and installation requirements for conduit and cable seals used in the field connected power, control and instrumentation wiring systems to equipment in the petroleum and chemical industry exposed to pressures above atmospheric (1.5 kilopascals , 0.22 psi) and at above or below ambient temperatures. This standard does not cover seals provided by manufacturers as part of listed equipment.
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