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P1622.4 - Recommended Practice for Election Modeling

The purpose of election modeling is to establish an implementation-independent baseline understanding of election data, its inter-relatedness and minimum required attributes. The model is based on a high level but comprehensive understanding of the processes that are common to elections. The model provided establishes common terminology that contributes to a more formal glossary and serves as a tool for the development of other election-related standards.This standard defines a core model of election data that supports the end-to-end process of administering an election. The model consists of data objects common to elections, the relationships between the objects, and the minimum required attributes of each data object. The model is documented using Unified Modeling Language (UML) notation to better support visualization and to avoid prescribing an implementation format for the data. The UML notation is also accompanied by additional diagrams, annotation and commentary that explain specific aspects of the model or its notation.
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