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Vehicular Technology

IEEE 1609.2b™-2019

IEEE Standard for Wireless Access in Vehicular Environments--Security Services for Applications and Management Messages - Amendment 2--PDU Functional Types and Encryption Key Management


IEEE 11073-10201™-2018 Bundle

IEEE Standard for Health Informatics - Point-of-care medical device communication - Part 10201: Domain Information Model



SASB Coordinating Committees/SCC21

IEEE 1561™-2019

IEEE Guide for Optimizing the Performance and Life of Lead-Acid Batteries in Remote Hybrid Power Systems



IEEE 802.1CF™-2019

IEEE Recommended Practice for Network Reference Model and Functional Description of IEEE 802(R) Access Network


IEEE 945™-2019

IEEE Recommended Practice for Preferred Metric Units for Use in Electrical and Electronics Science and Technology


IEEE 400 Series (Bundle)

IEEE Shielded Power Cable Systems – IEEE 400 Series (Bundle)


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