IEEE C37.016-2018 - IEEE Standard for AC High Voltage Circuit Switchers Rated 15.5 kV through 245 kV
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This standard is applicable to ac circuit switchers designed for outdoor installation and for rated power frequencies of 50 Hz and 60 Hz and rated maximum voltages of 15.5 kV through 245 kV. It is applicable only to three-pole circuit switchers for use in three-phase systems. This standard is also applicable to the operating devices of circuit switchers and to their auxiliary equipment. Included in this document are the normal and special service conditions under which the ratings are based and requirements for design and construction, which include those for interrupting media, stored energy systems, operating characteristics, mechanical loading and operation capabilities, electrical insulation, and auxiliary devices. The rating structure establishes the basis for all assigned ratings, including continuous current, dielectric withstand voltages, primary-bus fault breaking current, transformer-limited fault breaking current, short-circuit making current, transient recovery voltages, and capacitor switching, plus associated capabilities such as mechanical endurance and operation under high- and low-temperature environmental extremes. Routine (production) tests are defined and requirements for their execution documented.
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