IEEE 902-1998 - IEEE Guide for Maintenance, Operation, and Safety of Industrial and Commercial Power Systems (Yellow Book)
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This IEEE Standards product is part of the Color Books family. The IEEE Yellow Book provides plant engineers with a reference source for the fundamentals of safe and reliable maintenance and operation of industrial and commercial power systems, regardless of system size or complexity. The most effective utilization of the information contained in this guide would be its inclusion in a long-term maintenance and operation strategy that is tailored to the individual needs of each power system. This strategy would ensure long-term reliability and would include a procedure for auditing performance. To ensure the safety, reliability, maintenance, and operation of systems, the IEEE Yellow Book establishes specific procedures. Information is provided to offer guidance for the establishment of administrative and control procedures, as well as the organizational capabilities necessary to ensure reliable system operation. The level of performance reliability is stressed and several maintenance strategies are reviewed, including record-keeping, testing and inspection methods, and auditing maintenance and operation performance. Several chapters in the book are entirely devoted to safety issues, such as the review of safety equipment and recommendations for the management of unusual or hazardous activities.
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