IEEE 804-1983 - IEEE Recommended Practice for Implementation of Unique Identification System in Power Plants and Related Facilities
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This recommended practice provides a single source of implementation instructions that, when used with related recommended practices concerning unique identification principles and definitions, component function identifiers, and system descriptions, provide a basis for uniquely identifying systems, structures, and components of nuclear and fossil-fueled power plant projects (electric power generating stations) and related facilities. Hydro and other types of power plants are not included. The standard is part of a series of recommended practices, entitled the Energy Industry Identification Systems (EIIS), the purpose of which is to present a common language of communication which will permit a user to correlate a system, structure, or component with that of another organization for the purposes of reporting, comparison, or general communication. A significant feature of this concept is that the unique identification code identifies the function at the component level and not the hardware itself.
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