802.2-1985 - IEEE Standard for Local Area Networks - Logical Link Control
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This standard is one of a set of standards produced to facilitate the interconnection of computers and terminals on a local area network (LAN). It is related to the other standards by the Reference Model for Open Systems Interconnection. NOTE: The exact relationship of the layers described in this standard to the layers defined by the OS1 Reference Model is under study. This standard describes the functions, and features and protocol of the Logical Link Control (LLC) Sublayer in the IEEE Std 802 Local Area Network Protocol. The LLC sublayer constitutes the top sublayer in the Data Link Layer (see Fig 1-1) and is common to the various medium access methods that are defined and supported by the IEEE/Std 802 activity. Separate standards describe each medium access method individually and indicate the additional features and functions that are provided by the Medium Access Control (MAC) Sublayer in each case to complete the functionality of the Data Link Layer as defined in the 802 architectural reference model.
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