IEEE 802.19.3-2021 - IEEE Recommended Practice for Local and Metropolitan Area Networks--Part 19: Coexistence Methods for IEEE 802.11 and IEEE 802.15.4 Based Systems Operating in the Sub-1 GHz Frequency Bands
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Millions of IEEE Std 802.15.4g(TM)-2012 based devices are currently operating in Sub-1 GHz frequency bands to provide the low to moderate data rate capabilities. IEEE Std 802.11ah(TM)-2016 may operate in the same Sub-1 GHz frequency bands and provides higher data rate capabilities. This recommended practice enables IEEE Std 802.15.4g and IEEE Std 802.11ah to effectively operate in license exempt Sub-1 GHz frequency bands, by providing best practices and coexistence methods. (The PDF of this standard is available in the IEEE GET program at
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