IEEE 802.15.4v-2017 - IEEE Standard for Low-Rate Wireless Networks - Amendment 5: Enabling/Updating the Use of Regional Sub-GHz Bands
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The smart utility network (SUN) physical layers (PHYs) in IEEE Std 802.15.4(TM)-2015 are changed by this amendment to enable the use of the 870--876 MHz and 915--921 MHz bands in Europe, the 902--928 MHz band in Mexico, the 902--907.5 MHz and 915--928 MHz bands in Brazil, and the 915--928 MHz band in Australia and New Zealand. Additional Asian regional frequency bands are also specified in this amendment. Furthermore, the amendment changes the channel parameters listed for the SUN PHYs, the low energy critical infrastructure monitoring (LECIM) PHY, and the television white space (TVWS) PHY for the 470–510 MHz band in China and the 863--870 MHz band in Europe and aligns these channel parameters with regional requirements. The amendment includes channel access and/or timing changes to the medium access control (MAC) necessary for conformance to regional requirements for these bands.
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