IEEE 696-1983 - IEEE Standard 696 Interface Devices
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This standard is intended: (1) To define a rational, general-purpose interface system for designers of new computer system components that will ensure their compatibility with present and future IEEE Std 696 computer systems. (2) To provide the microprocessor computer-system user with compatible device families which will communicate in an unambiguous way without modification, from which a modularly expandable computer system may be constructed. (3) To enable the interconnection of independently manufactured devices into a single system. (4) To specify terminology and definitions related to the system. (5) To define a system with the minimum number of restrictions on the performance characteristics of devices connected to the system. (6) To define a system that, of itself, is of relatively low cost, and allows the interconnection of low-cost devices. (7) To define a system that is easy to use.
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