IEEE/ISO/IEC 29119-4-2021 - IEEE/ISO/IEC International Standard - Software and systems engineering--Software testing--Part 4: Test techniques
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The purpose of this part of ISO/IEC/IEEE 29119 is to provide an International Standard that defines software test design techniques (also known as test case design techniques or test methods) that can be used within the test design and implementation process that is defined in ISO/IEC/IEEE 29119-2. This part of ISO/IEC/IEEE 29119 does not describe a process for test design and implementation; instead, it describes a set of techniques that can be used within the test design and implementation process defined in ISO/IEC/IEEE 29119-2. The intent is to describe a series of techniques that have wide acceptance in the software testing industry. The test design techniques presented in this part of ISO/IEC/IEEE 29119 can be used to derive test cases that, when executed, generate evidence that test item requirements have been met or that defects are present in a test item (i.e. that requirements have not been met). Risk-based testing could be used to determine the set of techniques that are applicable in specific (risk-based testing is covered in ISO/IEC/IEEE 29119-1 and ISO/IEC/IEEE 29119-2).
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