IEEE/ISO/IEC 26515-2018 - ISO/IEC/IEEE International Standard - Systems and software engineering - Developing information for users in an agile environment
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This document supports the interest of information developers and associated roles responsible for producing information for users of software and systems developed within an agile environment. This document takes a process standard approach to specify the way in which information for users can be developed in agile development projects. This document provides requirements of information management and information development processes appropriate for software projects that are using agile development methods. Clause 5 covers the overall requirements for information in agile software development. Clause 6 covers requirements for the information development lead or project manager to plan an agile information development project and manage the information development activities in an agile environment. Clause 7 covers requirements for designing, developing, and providing information for users in an agile environment. Annex A describes agile development practices and methods.
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