IEEE 2089-2021 - IEEE Standard for an Age Appropriate Digital Services Framework Based on the 5Rights Principles for Children
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A set of processes by which organizations seek to make their services age appropriate is established in this standard. The growing desire of organizations to design digital products and services with children in mind and reflects their existing rights under the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (the Convention) is supported by this standard. While different jurisdictions may have different laws and regulations in place, the best practice for designing digital services that impact directly or indirectly on children is offered by this standard. It sets out processes through the life cycle of development, delivery and distribution, that will help organizations ask the right relevant questions of their services, identify risks and opportunities by which to make their services age appropriate and take steps to mitigate risk and embed beneficial systems that support increased age appropriate engagement. One in three users online is under 18, which means that this standard has wide application.
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