IEEE 1848-2020 - IEEE Standard for Techniques and Measurement to Manage Functional Safety and Other Risks with Regards to Electromagnetic Disturbances
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A set of practical methods is provided for helping to manage the levels of risks due to electromagnetic (EM) disturbances throughout the lifecycles of electronic equipment. These risks include the consequences of all types of errors, malfunctions, or failures in products, equipment, and systems that employ modern electronic technologies (i.e., in hardware and/or software). The work done in creating IEC 61000-1-2:2016 (Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) - Part 1-2: General - Methodology is supplemented by this standard for the achievement of functional safety of electrical and electronic systems including equipment with regard to electromagnetic phenomena) by providing requirements for detailed practical techniques and measures for helping to manage risks (not just functional safety) that could be caused by EM disturbances. These techniques and measures would be used in the management, specification, design, implementation, verification and validation, and through-life operation, maintenance, repair, refurbishment, upgrading, and eventual dismantling for disposal of equipment and systems employing digital electronic systems, for both hardware and software (firmware).
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