IEEE 1815.1-2015 - IEEE Standard for Exchanging Information Between Networks Implementing IEC 61850 and IEEE Std 1815(TM) [Distributed Network Protocol (DNP3)]
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This document specifies the standard approach for mapping between IEEE Std 1815™ [Distributed Network Protocol (DNP3)] and IEC 61850 (Communications Networks and Systems for Power Utility Automation). Two primary use cases are addressed: a) mapping between an IEEE 1815-based master and an IEC 61850-based remote site and b) mapping between an IEC 61850-based master and an IEEE 1815-based remote site. Mapping aspects included in the standard are: conceptual architecture; general mapping requirements; the mapping of Common Data Classes, Constructed Attribute Classes and Abstract Communication Service Interface (ACSI); cyber security requirements, the architecture of a gateway used for translation and requirements for embedding mapping configuration information into IEC 61850 System Configuration Description Language (SCL) and DNP3 Device Profile. This standard addresses a selection of features, data classes, and services of the two standards. ** NOTE: Incorporates IEEE Std 1815.1-2015/Cor 1-2016, which was not published as an individual corrigendum.
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