IEEE 1625-2008 - IEEE Standard for Rechargeable Batteries for Multi-Cell Mobile Computing Devices
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This standard establishes criteria for design analysis for qualification, quality, and reliability of rechargeable battery systems for multi-cell mobile computing devices. It also provides methods for quantifying the operational performance of these batteries and their associated management and control systems including considerations for end-user notification. This standard covers rechargeable battery systems for mobile computing. The battery technologies covered are limited to Li-ion and Li-ion polymer, but future versions of this standard may include technologies that are not in general use at present. Also included are: battery pack electrical and mechanical construction; system, pack, and cell level charge and discharge controls; and battery status communications. The following are addressed: qualification process; manufacturing process control; energy capacity and demand management; levels of management and control in the battery systems; and current and planned lithium-based battery chemistries, packaging technologies, and considerations for end-user notification.
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