IEEE 1224.1-1993 - IEEE Standard for Information Technology--X.400-Based Electronic Messaging--Application Program Interface (API) [Language Independent]
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Application program interfaces (APIs) to X.400-based electronic messaging services are defined in terms that are independent of any particular programming language. A general-purpose API that makes the functionality of a message transfer system (MTS) accessible to a message store (MS) or user agent (UA), or the functionality of a simple MS accessible to a UA, is provided. An X.400 gateway API divides a message transfer agent (MTA) into two software components, a messaging system gateway and an X.400 gateway service. This standard, and the language bindings derived from it, are intended to be used in conjunction with IEEE Std 1224-1993, which provides a general-purpose API for the creation, examination, modification, and deletion of OSI information objects.
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