IEEE 1028-2008 - IEEE Standard for Software Reviews and Audits
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This standard provides minimum acceptable requirements for systematic software reviews, where “systematic” includes the following attributes: a) Team participation; b) Documented results of the review; and c) Documented procedures for conducting the review. Reviews that do not meet the requirements of this standard are considered to be nonsystematic reviews. The standard is not intended to discourage or prohibit the use of nonsystematic reviews. The definitions, requirements, and procedures for the following five types of reviews are included within this standard: a) Management reviews; b) Technical reviews; c) Inspections; d) Walk-throughs; and e) Audits. This standard does not establish the need to conduct specific reviews; that need is defined by other software engineering standards or by local procedures. This standard provides definitions, requirements, and procedures that are applicable to the reviews of software development products throughout the software life cycle. Users of this standard shall specify where and when this standard applies and any intended deviations from this standard.
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