P7010 - IEEE Draft Standard for Well-being Metrics for Autonomous and Intelligent Systems
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IEEE Project 7010 Well-being Metrics for Autonomous and intelligent Systems is a standard for measuring the impact of artificial intelligence or autonomous and intelligent systems (A/IS) on humans. The overall intent of IEEE P7010 is to supports the outcome of A/IS having positive impacts on human well-being. It is the tenth of a series of standards in the P70xx series, all of which emerged from the IEEE Global Initiative on Ethics of Autonomous and Intelligent Systems. The standard is grounded in scientifically valid well-being indices currently in use and based on a stakeholder engagement process. The intent of the standard is to guide product development, identify areas for improvement, manage risks, assess performance and identify intended and unintended users, uses and impacts on human well-being of A/IS products, services, and systems.
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