P2846 - Assumptions for Models in Safety-Related Automated Vehicle Behavior
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This standard describes the minimum set of reasonable assumptions used in foreseeable scenarios to be considered for road vehicles in the development of safety-related models that are part of automated driving systems (ADS). The standard includes consideration of rules of the road and their regional and/or temporal dependencies. This standard is not necessarily exhaustive to guarantee the safety of the ADS. In accordance with the IEEE SA Operations Manual Patent (6.3) and Structure (6.4) Sections, the Informative portion of the standard identifies attributes of suitable models including best practices for balancing ADS assumptions with rules of the road used in the context of the Dynamic Driving Task. The Informative portion also identifies methods that may be used to verify whether an implementation conforms to the minimum set of required reasonable assumptions used in foreseeable scenarios, and defines an example model conformant with the standard. Out of scope are the algorithms or technologies in an ADS that the assumptions and attributes defined in this standard impact.
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