P2804 - IEEE Draft Standard for Software-Hardware Interface for Multi-Many-Core
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The SHIM, Software-Hardware Interface for Multi-many-core, is a joint industrial and academic effort to standardize the interface between the multicore hardware and the software tools. As a result, we aim to lower the cost of supporting new multicore hardware using the standard interface. This will encourage the development of new innovative multicore tools, resulting in a richer eco-system of multicore. This document is intended primarily for tool developers and hardware developers who would use SHIM to exchange hardware description for software tools. It also attempts to provide software developers with insights into what hardware information is described in SHIM to foster understanding of the intention and the extent of SHIM. This document begins with the introduction to SHIM, providing the background, the overall concept, and model. In addition, this document explains the concept of SHIM, such as the purpose, scope, design, interface, limitation, providing the basic idea why SHIM is as specified in this document and also trying to explain the basic principles for future extension of the specification.
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