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Lakuruma: Latest IEEE SA Start Up Event Winner

How Can Quantum Computing and Artificial Intelligence Transform the Healthcare Industry?

The answers to some of the challenges facing the world today — connectivity for all people and businesses regardless of location, equitable healthcare, sustainable and reliable energy, and reducing the transportation industry’s dependence on fossil fuel — will likely be found in data. However, we can only discover solutions for these problems, and those that will arise in the future, by processing massive amounts of data quickly and safely....

Unlock the Power of Real-Time IEEE 802.11™ ‘Wi-Fi®’ Networks

Response and Prevention Strategy in Connected Health – A Perspective from Latin America

What can an emerging Latin American region teach us when it comes to cyber risk management in the digital healthcare transformation? We sit down with Roque Juarez, Security Intelligence Specialist at IBM in Mexico, to get an understanding of how basic principles can be critical to cyber threat management in connected healthcare systems regardless of whether you are an emerging or established economy. If you think COVID-19 pandemic slowed down the rate of threat, think again...

Raising Standards for Renewables Integration in Ghana

How Can Photonics Standards Help to Transform Our Digital Future?

We depend on photonics, or light-based technologies, every day in many different ways. From flat-screen displays to LED lights; from medical lasers to security surveillance systems; and from fiber optics for inexpensive, ubiquitous communications to photovoltaic solar cells, these are just a few examples of how photonic products and systems have transformed our daily lives...


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