Dignity, Inclusion, Identity, Trust, and Agency

Driving innovation by identifying technology solutions that enable all to participate online without barriers and building consensus in the market
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DIITA invites all relevant stakeholders to its open and consensus-building processes mainly aiming at:

  • Ensuring that the conditions of on-line access safeguard our personal agency and dignity in ways that are possible off-line through the standardization lifecycle.
  • Creating technical capabilities to identify ourselves on-line in a way that protects our privacy, our right to be forgotten, and our off-line ability to have multiple personas; identifying potential standardization opportunities in this vein and encouraging the development of practical, technical outputs to realize this goal.
  • Developing proposals for technical and contextually applicable standards that enable the needs and voices of all.

Initiative Outcomes

To best advance the goal of designing and developing trust-enabling solutions for the global community, the Industry Connections program for Dignity, Inclusion Through Trust Agency seeks to cultivate and influence the key groups in the online ecosystem to:

  • Have agency over our data and cyber-identity
  • Provide the capacity to identify ourselves online in a way that protects our privacy, our right to be forgotten, and our off-line ability to have multiple personas
  • Give a voice to the underserved and vulnerable with the creation of standards that are inclusive of their needs
  • Encourage distributed ledger technology (e.g., Blockchain) standards that facilitate financial inclusion and other decentralized data sharing capabilities
  • Develop a collaborative approach to technology and policy design regarding digital inclusion, trust, personal data, agency, security and privacy for all demographics

    NOW AVAILABLE: Dignity, Inclusion, Identity, Trust and Agency (DIITA): Program Report - This report describes the activities and achievements of the DIITA program on the humanization of cyberspace in one place.
internet affordability

Internet Affordability & Accessibility

Focuses on suggesting suitable network designs with reference to technologies, identify parameters which will lead to cost reduction, growth pattern of subscribers in rural areas, technology based capital expenditure and break-even time based on different technologies.


Gender Equality and Social Inclusion (GESI)

This workstream seeks to propose technical standards to integrate GESI in system design, policy and planning.


Dignity AI

Dignity and Agency in AI

This workstream seeks to provide guidance and principles in examining dignity and agency in relation to digital inclusion.


Governance in Identity

This workstream develops guidelines and principles as it relates to the governance and security of digital identity of users.



Privacy and Respect in Virtual and Social Gaming

This workstream establishes a rewards system for good behavior in virtual and gaming platforms (industry guidance paper). Determine the viability of a technical standard that enables end-users to protect their "personal identity" outside of the playing environment.

Get Involved

The initiative is global, open and inclusive, welcoming all representatives of organizations across multiple industries dedicated to identifying low risk approaches to digital identity to assist in addressing current and future governance challenges.

We welcome new participants that are interested in making cyberspace more inclusive and trusted; digital inclusion; identity; agency; security and privacy; and dignity.

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IEEE Digital Privacy Workshop
7 - 8 October 2021

As every aspect of our lives become increasingly “digital”, digital privacy has become a top social concern. Societies are quickly trying to define and navigate the future of digital privacy and determine technological solutions, new policies, and frameworks needed to protect individuals while maintaining support for digital services.  Come join us for this free event as we explore how IEEE can add to the conversation from the perspective of technologists.


Previous Events


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InDIITA Virtual Workshop

22 July, 2021

This event built on previous event success, helping to develop community based outcomes to address challenges of affordable accessibility, enabling digital agency rights and building a framework for protecting personal data. Below are the presentations from the event:


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WAMIII Virtual Talk Series: Mental Health & Resilience - Supporting Health, Wellness, Identity & Agency During COVID-19

22 September 2020

COVID-19 has made it deeply evident that the need for caregiving is more important than ever.  Even before the pandemic, loneliness and depression rates had risen dramatically in many parts of the world. 


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Does your COVID-19 tracing app follow you forever? Privacy & Protection in a post-pandemic world

9 July 2020

The COVID-19 crisis has created an unprecedented need for contact tracing across countries. Contact tracing is claimed to be an effective tool to break the chains of transmission of an infectious disease and is thus an essential public health tool for controlling outbreaks. 

In partnership with IEEE SSIT.



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WAMIII Virtual Talk Series & DIITA - The Great Migration Online: Connected Health and Wellness in a Challenged Cyberspace

08 June, 2020 

The Covid-19 crisis has forced hundreds of millions of people to consider what it means to live a significantly greater part of their lives, especially their working lives, on-line (“in cyberspace”). 




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IEEE EU-DIITA Workshop on Identity, Inclusion and Agency

04 December, 2019 - Vienna, Austria

IEEE's Digital Inclusion, Identity, Trust, and Agency (DIITA) program is hosting a workshop in Vienna with a focus on identity (we are known as we wish to be known), trust (we are and feel safe in our online engagement), and agency (we have control over our data and our activities).



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InDIITA Workshop

18 Jul 2019 - 19 Jul 2019

IEEE InDIITA is an Open Space Tech Workshop that utilizes “an attendee-based” participatory experience to work on the solutions needed today in the world of identity. It will bring together technologists, researchers, government regulators, academics, ethicists and other experts both from India and around the world who are committed to finding and developing solutions collaboratively. 





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Restoring Dignity to the End User Experience

18 Jul 2019 - 19 Jul 2019

Digital technologies offer many benefits but can easily be exploited for those who have malicious intent. Smart homes are supposed to make us safer yet are used as a weapon for domestic abuse. When most think of new smart and "deeper experience" technologies they are quick to believe their lives just got better. The reality for some is their lives have become more violated. Digital technologies offer many benefits but can easily be exploited for those who have malicious intent.


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