IEEE SA - Digital Intelligence

Helping to advance individual and community-level prosperity; socially, politically, and economically


Digital intelligence is an enabler of personal and community development. As such, digital intelligence has been recognized as a duty of stakeholders, both nationally and internationally to advance individual and community-level prosperity (socially, politically, economically).

The need to ensure that everyone has the possibility to develop the skills, knowledge, behaviors and confidence necessary to realize the potential of digital technologies has become more pressing.

The goal of this Industry Connections (IC) Program is to put in place tools that will help ensure that digital literacy receives the attention and investment it deserves in the context both of domestic and overseas development policies. By establishing a standardized definition and taxonomy, the articulation and coordination of efforts becomes more holistic and coordinated. By identifying best practices and making progress towards metrics, stakeholders can work to improve the effectiveness of their work in this area. 

Exploration and deliverables

This IC Program may be viewed as an open-source effort where digital literacy is seen as a human right for everyone everywhere, regardless of location and language skill. Exploration and deliverables may include:

  • Initial collection and analysis of available definitions of digital literacy
  • Initial collection and analysis of available literature on evaluated digital literacy projects
  • Initial collection of metrics of digital literacy
  • Standardized definition of digital literacy
  • An analysis of applicability of existing metrics and evaluation tools for the standardized definition
  • Identification of terms needing to be defined as part of the taxonomy
  • Establishing the structure of a portal for useful digital literacy resources
  • Initial report on definitions, taxonomy, and possible metrics of digital literacy, plus full launch of portal
  • Identifying test sites for digital literacy metrics in order to conduct before and after analyses in different contexts, including the development of standards
  • Testing of different metrics, refining the analysis, continuing to collect examples of good practices
  • Final report


Initiative Stakeholders

The Digital Intelligence IC Program seeks participants that can inform and influence:

  • Governments
  • Financial Institutions
  • Private Entities
  • Learning Institutions


How to participate

To express your interest in joining this IC activity, please send an inquiry to: