AI-driven Innovation for Cities and People

Providing cities a governance mechanism to support responsible Artificial Intelligence Systems (AIS)

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The goal is to use technology not only to combat the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, but to create a proactive bond between smart cities and technology worldwide, where local priorities and concerns take the lead in showcasing projects achieved to-date and ongoing.  A partnership that can help determine where technologies are needed or require research and development. A close collaboration where best practices and standards are defined through use cases, pilots and projects, and then shared globally.

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The primary goal is to provide cities a mechanism to encourage responsible AI Systems innovation and deployments through proper governance mechanisms to support diverse access to problem solving with AI. The effort is a contribution to help AI systems be used for the common good and its potential benefits more available to all, starting with municipalities which are leading the way in use and application of such systems in the public sector.

Beyond that, the initiative will be potentially beneficial to the whole ecosystem working on the advancement of AIS, as well as organizations and industry groups dedicated to capacity building and impact investing. It also intends to enable the wider ecosystem to identify and enable new participative models with economic incentives, and to support/increase the flow of funding for sustained developments and gradual ownership of problem solving closer to the source in a sustainable way. Incorporated in these governance mechanisms would be:

Governance frameworks and considerations for responsible AI systems innovation.

  • Survey cities and relevant stakeholders interested in Responsible AIS innovations both from a user perspective as well as capacity development opportunity 
  • Develop city-specific governance framework and toolkit that foster and enable faster responsiveness to AIS 
  • Beta test framework with community 
  • Improve framework based on feedback 
  • Develop best practices and standardization projects

Sandbox blueprints, architecture, and prototype: Create a blueprint and a prototypical sandbox environment that can be used by municipalities and cities to enable responsible AI systems implementations. These reference cases may be applied to the multitude of stakeholders including universities, industry, and residents in the area.

  • Define the necessary minimal HW, SW, and Cloud infrastructure for such an “AI Commons” at municipal level to succeed
  • Identify and architect sandbox elements 
  • Implement sandbox 
  • Beta test sandbox with cities and interested parties
  • Develop roadmap of sandbox elements to include future updates with standardized solution sets

Roadmaps to technical and ethical implementation criteria for standardization and certification as well as scalability to support city goals.

Get Involved

We welcome new participants from large and small corporations, academia, industry, and government agencies that are interested in AI-driven Innovation for Cities and People.

Expected Deliverables

The deliverables are expected to include the following:

  • A blueprint that includes:
    • Identification of Open Source implementation opportunities pertaining to commons toolsets 
    • Standards inventory assessment to support technical needs
    • Governance mechanism to scale AI systems
    • Community development tools to support the development of practical and responsible AI tools.
  • Sandbox templates that allow for responsible innovation and experimentation and identify a list of communities that will be ready to apply the outcome to help successful and continued sandbox development.

How to Participate

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