IEEE-SA - Industry Connections (IC) 3D Body Processing
Giving consumers a deeper sense for how garments will fit their individual body and personal sense of style through realistic and interactive visual representations


The motivations and goals of this program are to bring together diverse stakeholders from across technology, retail, research and standards development to build thought leadership around 3D body processing technology standards in areas such as 3D capture, processing, storage, sharing and (augmented) representation.

Exploration of this activity may include:

  • Identify and classify types of 3D body processing technologies
  • Identify and classify use cases of 3D body processing
  • Identify gaps in existing nascent standards and recommended practices as 3D body processing spreads beyond first adopters
  • Identify need and propose PARs for new standards and best practices for 3D body processing and adjacent technologies (like 2D augmented reality)

Download Complimentary White Papers

The background, goals, and status for the IEEE 3D body processing (3DBP) initiative are introduced in this white paper. This initiative was launched in the first quarter of 2016 with an initial focus on exploring technology standardization opportunities for hardware and software technologies across the 3D body processing pipeline; i.e., from scanning of people and creating body model data to simulating, modeling, analytics, and visualization.

Learn how IEEE Standards Activities for 3D Body Processing (3DBP) Technology are helping to accelerate the Immersive Consumer Experience. View videos from the 2017 IEEE International Conference on Consumer Electronics 2017.

We invite you to learn more about IEEE P3141™, the project standard that helps to address the fundamental attributes that contribute to 3D body processing quality of experiences, as well as identifying and analyzing existing metrics and other useful information relating to these attributes. For additional information on how to join, visit IEEE P3141™.

Get Involved

We welcome individuals that are interested in elevating the virtual and in-store retail shopping experience to a new level.

Join us to move forward with activities that may include standardization efforts around format types and classifications; quality specifications and metrics; test methods; communication; sharing and security protocols; and privacy guides are under consideration.


Additional Contacts

Industry Connections Program Administrator

Luciano C. Oviedo, Chair, IEEE-SA IC 3D Body Processing Working Group Strategy & Product Development, Intel

Possible Industry Outcomes

Proposed deliverables and outcomes from this Industry Connections activity may include documents (e.g., white papers, reports), proposals for standards, conferences and workshops, databases, computer code, etc.


Potential Markets Include:

  • Fashion
  • Retail
  • Health/wellness
  • Athletics


Types of Suppliers:

  • User-facing/product offering Supplier
  • Platform Suppliers
  • Application Software Suppliers
  • Operating System Suppliers
  • Application Processor Suppliers