IEEE SA Contributors Collection

IEEE SA Contributors Collection is a free, publicly accessible platform dedicated to publishing the documents contributed by participants during the development of IEEE standards. Contributions may be different types of documents ranging from pure research to technical analysis, complete technical specifications and use cases. These contributions may or may not be directly implemented or referenced in the final standard.  Additionally, these documents may be in many formats including presentations, text documents and many others.

Contributors Collection accepts materials in various technical areas within the Field of Interest (FoI) of IEEE. Materials submitted to the IEEE SA Contributors Collection should be related to the technical development of the standard and will be identified by the keywords and the IEEE Society/Council and Standards Committee associated with the standards work. 

Rules of Engagement
Only authors may submit contributions.  

All submissions to Contributors Collection are checked for offensive content (i.e., content that is disrespectful, abusive, or derogatory). Any content found to be plagiarized or offensive will be declined, as will non-scientific content or content that is not technical in nature (e.g., news, advertisements, and calls for papers).

View our Submission Guidelines for more information on posting in IEEE SA Contributors Collection.

Terms of Distribution
Authors retain copyright and choose from several distribution and reuse options under which to make their contribution available (CC BY, CC BY-SA, CC BY-NC-SA, or CC0). By submitting materials to the IEEE SA Contributors Collection, authors explicitly consent to text mining of their work by search engines or researchers.

IEEE SA Contributors Collection reserves the right to identify and remove any contributions at its discretion for any reason, including contributions that contain plagiarized material or describe experimental work that is not performed in accordance with the relevant ethical standards for research using animals or human subjects.

Removing Content 
All submitted materials on IEEE SA Contributors Collection receive Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs), making them part of the citable scientific record and indexable by external services such as CrossRef and Google Scholar. As such, no materials may be removed from Contributors Collection. If it is discovered that there are errors in a submission and the author wishes to withdraw it, the material will still appear in the Contributors Collection but it will be marked as "withdrawn" and annotated with comments explaining the reason for the withdrawal. In an extraordinary situation in which it is deemed necessary to remove access to submitted material (e.g., a fraudulent contribution, a duplicate contribution, or copyright infringement), the original metadata record will be retained but the record will be annotated with a note explaining the reason for removal.