Introducing the 2020 World Standards Day Video Contest Winners


Over the last century, large-scale industrial activities, rapid population growth, urbanization, and inequality have had adverse effects on the earth, our lives, and the well-being of future generations. Sustainable development has become more important than ever, and global standards play a key role in supporting the environmental, social, and economic sustainability of our planet and human society.

In celebration of World Standards Day 2020, IEEE SA invited global communities to share their thoughts on the question: How do standards protect the planet? We were impressed by the quality of the video responses and the enthusiasm for protecting the planet. We would like to thank everyone who entered and are excited to introduce this year’s winners!

1st Place

Steven Hause

Steven Hause loves making videos and is especially happy when his work can be used for something helpful and important.

2nd Place

Porter Christensen

Porter Christensen is a young ambitious lad studying Media Arts at Brigham Young University. He often films weddings, real estate, and promo videos, but is beyond excited to create educational content that spreads important information, like this video to create awareness around standards.

3rd Place

Zachary Tate

Zachary Tate is a teacher living in Japan. He likes to study language and culture. Zachary can speak Japanese and some Mandarin.

Congratulations to the winners and Happy World Standards Day! Learn More About World Standards Day and How You Can Participate

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