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Cloud Standardization
The Institute, 17 January 2014

Video discusses the role of standards in cloud computing

In our story "Bringing Cooperation to Cloud Computing," you’ll learn about how one IEEE project is working to make it easier to use multiple cloud systems. In this video, you’ll hear from industry experts who share their views on the role of standards in enabling this expanded realm of possibility. The video was produced by the IEEE Cloud Computing Initiative.

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Experts Debate for an Open Web
Open-Stand, 16 January 2014

#TheOpenAgenda was launched last September at Campus Party Europe in London, with the goal of accelerating the adoption of open standards and ethos across three key areas – web, data and innovation. The first phase of the campaign brings together leading thinkers to focus on the future of the World Wide Web.

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Social Media, Standards & You
IEEE Standards Education e-Magazine, 3rd Quarter 2013
By Karen Bartleson and Sydney Burns

A critical part of maintaining a well-rounded education includes employing self-education techniques. Though there is an array of content circulating the web concerning engineering and standards, below you will find some hidden gems to add to your collection of self-education materials. By being involved in the current conversations on these sites, you can become an active member of the community. Social media today is viewed as a tool to connect young and experienced professionals to the world around them, and become more involved in their industry than ever before. Commenting on videos, articles, and forums is highly encouraged, although simply consuming content for yourself is beneficial too. Due to the wide spectrum of topics covered in these publications, there is always something valuable for everyone. Here are some excellent portals for self-education on standards and related topics:

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From the IEEE Standards Education Desk How to Include Technical Standards in Curricula: Growth of the “Practical Ideas” Series

by Admin| Thu, 28 Apr 2016

To help professors around the world include more information about technical standards and standardization in their academic curricula, in 2013 the IEEE Standards Education Committee created the “Practical Ideas from Professors” series. Integrated in 2016 as part of the new IEEE Standards University library, the series features two-page installments authored by university educators who have […]
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3D Printing: IEEE Standards to Address Counterfeiting

by Admin| Tue, 12 Apr 2016

3D printing technologies are emerging at a rapid pace, with the research firm Canalys forecasting that the 3D printing market, which includes 3D printer sales, materials and associated services, will reach US $16.2 billion by 2018 Canalys Senior Analyst, Tim Shepherd points out, “The 3D printing market has enormous growth potential now that the main […]
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IEEE and Internet Society (ISOC) Fellowship Exchange Pilot Programme

by Admin| Tue, 09 Feb 2016

IEEE and ISOC launched the Fellowship Exchange Pilot Program at the IEEE 802® Plenary session from 8-13 November 2015, in Dallas, Texas. This program provides participants from emerging economies with the opportunity to gain first-hand knowledge of the open, collaborative standards development process. It also enables them to obtain a deeper understanding of the relationship […]
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Workshop Series at Prairie View A&M University Highlights Standards

by Admin| Tue, 26 Jan 2016

Workshop Series at Prairie View A&M University Highlights Standards
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IEEE Engagement in Africa Leads to Agreements with Ghana and Zambia

by Admin| Thu, 24 Dec 2015

As part of its ongoing global engagement activities, IEEE has been increasing its relationships on the African continent and proactively engaging national standards organizations in order to explore potential cooperation opportunities. As a result, the national standards bodies of Ghana and Zambia have each signed agreements that allow both the Ghana Standards Authority and the […]
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Congratulations Wi-Trek Contest Winners!

by Admin| Thu, 17 Dec 2015

In celebration of the 25th Anniversary of IEEE 802.11®, gamers tried their luck at Wi-Trek, where the player had to catch Wi-Fi® signals with a mobile device. Congratulations to our two random winners:  Cyril G. from Santa Clara, CA and Chester M. from Robertsdale, AL.  The two winners were chosen randomly from a pool of […]
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IEEE Standards Association (IEEE-SA) and Korea Smart Grid Association (KSGA) Sign MoU

by Admin| Thu, 17 Dec 2015

Agreement Provides a Framework to Foster Closer Cooperation By Konstantinos Karachalios, Managing Director, IEEE Standards Association  Canadian business executive and author Don Tapscott has been quoted as saying that “collaboration is important not just because it’s a better way to learn. The spirit of collaboration is penetrating every institution and all of our lives. So learning […]
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Standards Insight Blog

Our blog external link promotes technology standards & celebratse the contributions of individuals & organizations who drive the development of standards.

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3 March 2016

New PARs

  • P1484.21 (C/LT) Task Model for Project-based Learning
  • P1913 (COM/SDB) Software-Defined Quantum Communication
  • P1918.1 (COM/SDB) Tactile Internet: Application Scenarios, Definitions and Terminology, Architecture, Functions, and Technical Assumptions
  • P1920.1 (COM/SDB) Aerial Communications and Networking Standards
  • P1820 (DEI/SC) Guide on the Selection of Transmission and Distribution Insulators with Respect to Cold Weather Conditions
  • P519.1 (PE/T&D) Guide for Applying Harmonic Limits on Power Systems
  • P2030.10 (PE/T&D) Standard for DC Microgrids for Rural and Remote Electricity Access Applications

PARs for the Revision of Standards

  • P627 (PE/NPE) Standard for Qualification of Equipment Used in Nuclear Facilities
  • P485 (PE/SB) Recommended Practice for Sizing Lead-Acid Batteries for Stationary Applications
  • P1635 (PE/SB) ASHRAE Guide for the Ventilation and Thermal Management of Batteries for Stationary Applications
  • P644 (PE/T&D) Standard Procedures for Measurement of Power Frequency Electric and Magnetic Fields from AC Power Lines
  • P656 (PE/T&D) Standard for the Measurement of Audible Noise from Overhead Transmission Lines
  • P1531 (PE/T&D) Guide for Application and Specification of Harmonic Filters
  • PC57.12.91 (PE/TR) Standard Test Code for Dry-Type Distribution and Power Transformers
  • PC57.13.5 (PE/TR) Standard of Performance and Test Requirements for Instrument Transformers of a Nominal System Voltage of 115 kV and Above

Modified PARs

  • P3333.1.2 (C/SAB) Standard for the Perceptual Quality Assessment of Three Dimensional (3D) and Ultra High Definition (UHD) Contents
  • PC37.30.5 (PE/SWG) Standard for Definitions for AC High-Voltage Air Switches Rated Above 1000 V
  • P751 (PE/T&D) Guide for Wood Structures Used for Overhead Electric Transmission Lines

New Standards

  • 802.15.9 (C/LM) IEEE Approved Draft Recommended Practice for Transport of Key Management Protocol (KMP) Datagrams
  • 24748-4 (C/S2ESC) ISO/IEC/IEEE Approved Draft International Standard for Systems and Software Engineering - Life Cycle Management - Part 4: Systems Engineering Planning
  • 60076-57-1202 (PE/TR) IEC/IEEE Approved Draft International Standard Requirements for Liquid Immersed Phase-Shifting Transformers
  • 1785.2 (MTT/SCC) IEEE Approved Draft Standard for Rectangular Metallic Waveguides and Their Interfaces for Frequencies of 110 GHz and Above-- Part 2: Waveguide Interfaces

Revision Standards

  • 1722 (C/MSC) IEEE Draft Standard for a Transport Protocol for Time Sensitive Applications in a Bridged Local Area Network
  • C62.72 (PE/SPDLV) IEEE Draft Guide for the Application of Surge-Protective Devices for Use on the Load Side of the Service Equipment in Low Voltage (1000 V or Less, 50 or 60 Hz) AC Power Circuits
  • C37.123 (PE/SUB) IEEE Draft Guide for Specifications for High-Voltage Gas-Insulated Substations Rated Above 52 kV

Withdrawn Standards

  • 1490-2011 (C/S2ESC) Guide - Adoption of the Project Management Institute (PMI) Standard, A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK Guide) - Fourth Edition

Industry Connections Activity Approval

  • IC16-001-01 external link Open Data
  • IC16-002-01 external link The Global Initiative for Ethical Considerations in the Design of Autonomous Systems
  • IC16-003-01 external link Internet of Things Interest Group
  • IC16-004-01 external link Augmented Reality in the Oil/Gas/Electric Industry

Revised Industry Connections Activity Approval


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