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IEEE Standards Association elects new leaders for 2018 roles

Congratulations to Robert S. Fish, who was selected in the IEEE annual election in October as IEEE Standards Association (IEEE-SA) 2018 President Elect, and Stephen D. Dukes and Walter Weigel, who were both elected to serve as IEEE-SA Board of Governors Members-at-Large for a two-year term beginning in January 2018.

Making standardization key to “ecosystem of innovation, from invention to the marketplace

Robert S. Fish

Robert S. Fish, 2018 President-elect, The IEEE Standards Association

As 2018 president elect Fish will serve as IEEE-SA president in 2019, bringing his long list of previous IEEE-SA leadership roles including serving as a member of the IEEE-SA Board of Governors and as Chair of IEEE-SA’s Global Committee. He was a founding member of the IEEE-SA Corporate Advisory Group, and chaired both the IEEE-SA Global Coordination Committee and Standards Conduct Committee. 

Fish is currently president of NETovations, a consulting company specializing in networking technology innovation. He is a Princeton University Computer Science Department faculty member and is Vice President, Industry & Standards Activities, IEEE Communications Society (ComSoc) for 2016-2018.

To give more visibility to IEEE standards, Fish was a co-editor of the “IEEE Standards for Communications and Networking” series in IEEE Communications Magazine, and he helped create the IEEE Conference on Standards in Communications and Networking (IEEE-CSCN). In 2016, he was awarded the IEEE-SA Standards Medallion Award and has been awarded 17 patents.

In his nominee’s statement and Q&A, Fish shared that “IEEE should be a leader in developing and maintaining the whole ecosystem of innovation, from invention to the marketplace, with standardization as a key component.” His priorities for IEEE-SA, include securing global recognition for IEEE-SA’s standardization process—along with cultivating relationships with other global standards organizations based on mutual recognition.

Fish supports promoting “new additions to the traditional standardization processes, for instance, support of ‘open source’ processes.” He encourages follow-up on recent IEEE initiatives in Smart Grid, Cloud Computing, IoT, SDN, and 5G, and recognizing the “great potential for new standards,” namely through initiatives on 5G Mobile Communications, Big Data, and Augmented Reality.

Securing a central role in expansion technologies

Stephen D. Dukes

Stephen D. Dukes, IEEE Standards Association, Elected Board of Governors Member-at-Large

Dukes brings an extensive resume of leadership experience within IEEE to his newly elected role as Member-at-Large for the IEEE-SA Board of Governors, including for IEEE-SA having served on the Standards Board, New Standards Committee Chair, Audit Committee, Industry Connections Committee, Procedures, IEEE-SA Board Patent Appeal Committee, along with serving as IEEE Consumer Electronics Society President and many other roles.

Dukes is currently president of Dreamerse, a virtual and augmented reality platform, and is an IEEE Fellow and an internationally recognized contributor to the global technology and engineering community. He has held executive positions in engineering and management, in technology including telecom network design, cable architecture, game design, and enterprise network design.

According to his candidate Q&A, he’s motivated by “strategically and tactically managing the transformation of developing and new technologies into the society through standards and other forums.” His objective for IEEE-SA is to continue to promote collaboration and development of new and existing standards with industry, government, academia and international standards development organizations, sharing in his candidate statement that “Standards are essential to industry compliance and interoperability of rapidly developing technologies.”

He hopes to significantly influence the perception of IEEE-SA as playing a central role in the expansion technologies and lists among his accomplishments having “developed relationships between the IEEE-SA and the IEEE Future Directions Committee to accelerate the development of new standards.” He noted “concentrating on new market dynamics including openness and flexibility in a shorter interval to satisfy time to market challenges of evolving technologies and competitive environment.”

Leading ICT and vertical standardization

Walter Weigel

Walter Weigel, IEEE Standards Association, Elected Board of Governors Member-at-Large

Weigel returns as an IEEE-SA Board of Governors Member-at-Large, having served from 2012-2016. He also has been a member of the IEEE-SA Board of Governors Nominations and Appointments Committee, IEEE-SA Standards Conduct Committee, IEEE-SA Standards Board, and the IEEE-SA Standards Board Review Committee (RevCom).

He is currently Vice President of European Research Institute of Huawei, which comprises 18 sites in eight European Union countries. He initiated the P2413 on Internet of Things (IoT) architectures, started the European Advisory Group and recommended the new head of the Vienna office. In his previous tenure, as the only European member of the Board of Governors, he contributed significantly to the strategy and outreaches of the IEEE-SA in Europe.

Weigel is interested in bringing his experience to support and enable IEEE-SA’s success in the future information and communication technologies (ICT) and vertical standardization. In his candidate’s statement and Q&A, he noted changes that IEEE-SA is facing “…especially the move of IT and communication technologies into the vertical industries. As the vertical industry is very strong in Europe and has its own standardization eco-system it will be crucial for the SA to develop a strong footprint in these ‘growing together’ standardizations and also increase its presence in Europe."

Weigel’s numerous career accomplishments include founding the Common Public Radio Interface (CPRI) industry consortium and, recently, the 5G Automotive Association. He was involved in setting-up several EU FP 7-projects, has published more than 50 technical papers and was an initiator/editor of the book “ICT shaping the world.