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IEEE SCC42 Transportation to lead global effort to promote transportation standards, facilitate adoption and increase interoperability

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PISCATAWAY, N.J., USA, 14 October 2014 – IEEE, the world’s largest professional organization dedicated to advancing technology for humanity, today announced the formation of a new IEEE Standards Coordinating Committee on Transportation (IEEE SCC42 Transportation). With the support of more than 30 IEEE Societies and Councils, the IEEE SCC42 Transportation will lead a global effort to promote transportation standards and facilitate adoption throughout the entire transportation ecosystem. Using globally recognized IEEE standards and best practices within the IEEE Standards Association (IEEE-SA), the IEEE SCC42 Transportation will bring together related disciplines to help ensure a future for transportation that will be more connected, automated, intelligent, electric and electronic.

“Emerging trends in communication networks and transportation engineering have come together at an interesting crossroads,” said Dr. Konstantinos Karachalios, Managing Director, IEEE-SA. “With major advances in alternative fuels, engine design and connected vehicles transforming automobile transportation, now is the time to unite for an intelligent future in transportation with an international, cross-disciplinary approach to significantly shorten time to market for transportation standards. We invite the engagement of industry, government and academia globally in helping ensure that the IEEE SCC42 Transportation's work is informed by a broad range of perspectives and requirements.”

The outlook for transportation combines IT, communications, electric and electronic technologies for connected vehicles, automated vehicles, and transportation electrification. These emerging areas require coordination of standards to increase interoperability and global inclusiveness. Where standardization needs exist, the IEEE SCC42 Transportation will develop guides, recommended practices, standards, and common definitions of terms. The IEEE SCC42 Transportation will work proactively with various communities and companies in these transportation standardization efforts.

The IEEE SCC42 Transportation will kick-off its global collaboration effort during the 2014 International Conference on Connected Vehicles and Expo (ICCVE) at the Messe Wien in Vienna, Austria, 3-7 November. The committee will collect input through several special sessions and host its first workshop. Special sessions topics will include transportation business models, standardization for connected, automated and intelligent vehicles and big data in transportation and smart cities.

“In the past, the transportation industry was mainly focused on the civil and mechanical engineering. Today, information and communications technology has changed the world and recent trends show it is changing transportation,” said Dr. Yu Yuan, chair of the IEEE SCC42 Transportation. “Disruptive technologies such as Cooperative Intelligent Transportation Systems and Autonomous Driving are incubating new business models and fundamentally changing the industry as well as our daily lives. The future of transportation requires an active, open and cooperative ecosystem – from OEMs to consumers – and it is essential to support interoperability and global adoption of standards. The IEEE SCC42 Transportation is prepared to embrace and lead the change to a connected, automated, intelligent, electric and electronic transportation future.”

IEEE-SA will also promote transportation and automotive standardization during the 2014 Ethernet & IP @ Automotive Technology Day that will be under IEEE-SA sponsorship for the first time. Located at the COBO Center in Detroit, MI, 23-24 October, sessions will feature panel discussions on security, testing and industry best practices.

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