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295-1969 - IEEE Standard for Electronics Power Transformers

Description: This standard pertains to power transformers and inductors that are used in electronic equipment and supplied by power lines or generators of essentially sine wave or polyphase voltage. Guides to application and test procedures are included. Appendices contain certain precautions, recommended practices, and guidelines for typical values. Provision is made for relating the characteristics of transformers to the associated rectifiers and circuits. Certain pertinent definitions relating to transformers and transformer applications, which have not been found elsewhere, are included with appropriate discussion. Attempts are made to alert the industry and profession to factors that are commonly overlooked. This standard includes, but is not limited to, the following specific transformers and inductors: rectifier supply transformers for either highor low-voltage supplies; filament and cathode heater transformers; transformers for alternating current resonant charging circuits; inductors used in rectifier filters; autotransformers with fixed taps.
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