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P802.11aj - IEEE Draft Standard for Information Technology--Telecommunications and information exchange between systems Local and metropolitan area networks--Specific requirements Part 11: Wireless LAN Medium Access Control (MAC) and Physical Layer (PHY) Specifications Amendment 5: Enhancements for Very High Throughput to Support Chinese Millimeter Wave Frequency Bands(60 GHz and 45 GHz).

The purpose of this standard is to provide wireless connectivity for fixed, portable, and moving stations within a local area. This standard also offers regulatory bodies a means of standardizing access to one or more frequency bands for the purpose of local area communication.This amendment defines modifications to the IEEE P802.11ad Physical (PHY) layer and the Medium Access Control (MAC) layer to enable operation in the Chinese 59-64 GHz frequency band. The amendment shall maintain backward compatibility with 802.11ad when it operates in the 59-64 GHz frequency band. The amendment also defines modifications to the PHY and MAC layers to enable the operation in the Chinese 45 GHz frequency band. The amendment maintains the 802.11 user experience.
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