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P26511 - IEEE Draft Standard for Software and systems engineering -- Requirements for managers of user documentation

will not contain a purpose statementThis clause presents the scope, purpose, organization, and candidate uses of this International Standard. This International Standard supports the requirements of software users for consistent, complete, accurate, and usable documentation. It specifies procedures for managing user documentation throughout the software life cycle. It also includes requirements for key documents produced for user documentation management, including documentation plans and documentation management plans. It applies to people or organizations producing suites of documentation, to those undertaking a single documentation project, and for documentation produced internally as well as to documentation contracted to outside service organizations. Beyond the development and production of a user manual, help system, or set of documentation for a single software product, it applies to a broader range of documentation management situations, including user documentation for those who install, implement, administer, and operate software for end users. Frequently user documentation managers are responsible for the development and reuse of information (content management) for: * multiple updates of user documentation as the software version is updated; * multiple reuses or adaptations of information to support related software products; * multiple translated or localized versions of user documentation; * a portfolio of unrelated documentation projects being managed concurrently within an organization. This International Standard is not intended to advocate the use of either printed or electronic (on-screen) media for documentation, or of any particular information management, content management, documentation testing or project management tools or protocols. The requirements are media-independent, as far as possible.
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