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P1907.1 - Standard for Network-Adaptive Quality of Experience (QoE) Management Scheme for Real-Time Mobile Video Communications

The purpose of this standard is to enable network operators, application developers, service/content providers, and end-users to develop, deploy and utilize collaborative services that employ real-time 2-way and multi-party video connectivity within any mobile browser, application, game, device, or service platform.This Standard defines an End-to-End Quality of Experience (E2E QoE) Management Scheme for real-time video communication systems, including those operating in resource varying environments. The scheme utilizes correlation of both subjective and objective E2E QoE with received real-time video data (stream header and/or video signal), application-level Quality of Service (QoS) measurements, and network-level QoS measurements. The standard defines a human visual perception-based E2E QoE Metric and the methodology of correlating this metric to real-time video data, application/network-level QoS measurements, the capabilities of user devices, and subjective user factors. It also defines the subjective viewing test procedures to facilitate the benchmarking and sharing of real-time video test sequence databases and QoE/QoS reporting databases for real-time mobile visual communications. The standard defines network adaptive video encoding and decoding algorithms utilizing device-based E2E QoE-driven feedback and, where available, network-based E2E QoE-driven feedback to achieve real-time adaptation according to available device and/or network resources. The standard defines real-time device-based and network-based feedback control mechanisms that can be used to regulate E2E QoE by one or more of: application-level objective measurement and reporting of the actual received real-time video signal quality; network-level objective measurement and reporting of the in-transit real-time video signal quality; application-level measurement and reporting of device and/or network resources and QoS performance; and network-level measurement and reporting of device and/or network resources and QoS performance.additional_info_div
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