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ICSG: Industry Connections Security Group

Promoting collaboration and information sharing across the IT security industry.

about the ieee industry connections security group

ICSG is a global group of computer security entities that have come together to pool experience and resources in combating the systematic and rapid rise in computer security threats.

In the past few years, attackers have shifted away from mass distribution of a small number of threats to micro distribution of millions of distinct threats. ICSG was established, under the umbrella of the IEEE-SA Industry Connections program, out of the desire by many in the security industry to more efficiently address these growing threats in a coordinated fashion.

current icsg subgroups

ICSG Malware Working Group
Solving some of the malware related issues the industry faces today.

Encrypted Traffic Inspection Working Group
Enabling the development of an accepted way of traffic inspection.

ICSG Malware Metadata Exchange Format (MMDEF) Working Group
Expanding the information that is captured and shared about malware.

IEEE Anti-Malware Support Service (AMSS)


ICSG Industry Connections Activity Initiation Document (ICAID) PDF icon

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Malware Metadata Exchange Format (XML Schema) external link

Malware Metadata Exchange Format Behavioral (XML Schema) external link

Mobile Adware Guidelines in IEEE Xplore® external link

Mobile Adware Guidelines in IEEE Standards Store external link

ICSG Membership

ICSG is an entity based group and you may join as a company or organization. For further information and to request ICSG membership, email the ICSG.

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