The Industry Connections Program

Supporting the incubation of new technologies standards and related services in a rapidly changing environment.


Industry Connections activities often occur in the earliest stages of standards development, at a time when additional information and insight is required. Activities are entity based and are normally initiated when a group of corporations recognizes a need for collaboration and consensus within a technical area, but before they fully understand what form that collaboration should take.

The creation of an Industry Connections group begins when a group of interested companies submits an Industry Connections Activity Initiation Document (ICAID)(.doc). Industry Connections activities are authorized upon approval of the ICAID by the IEEE-SA Board of Governors (BOG), where oversight resides until the group is dissolved. For the first year, the IEEE-SA provides a basic level of Support Services at no charge to participants. Following the first year, IEEE-SA Advanced Corporate Membership is required for continued participation.

Industry Connections groups typically focus on collaborative work in a technical area and transition into something more permanent (or dissolve) within a few years of initiation. Possible transition paths for an Industry Connections group include:

  • Dissolving after completing its work
  • Remaining in the IEEE-SA as a new sponsor for the development of standards
  • Being absorbed into an existing IEEE Society or Council
  • Becoming a new IEEE Society or Council
  • Becoming a new IEEE-ISTO Industry Program