IEEE-SA Standards Board: ProCom

Responsible for coordinating the development, publication and revision of IEEE standards.


ProCom is responsible for recommending to the IEEE-SA Standards Board (SASB) improvements and changes in procedures to promote efficient discharge of responsibilities by the SASB, its committees, and other IEEE committees engaged in standards activities.

It also reviews and recommends the approval of proposed revisions and additions to the SASB Bylaws and Operations Manual.

About ProCom Members
The committee is comprised of at least six members. They are members of the IEEE-SA Standards Board and appointed by the Chair of the IEEE-SA Standards Board for a term of one year.

2017 Roster

Ted Burse Chair
Chuck Adams John Kulick
Stephen Dukes Annette Reilly
Gary Hoffman Phil Wennblom
Michael Janezic Howard Wolfman
Dave Ringle