IEEE Get Program

Through the IEEE-SA and industry support, select IEEE standards are available for download at no charge.


IEEE 802.22™-2011 PDF format Standard for Local and metropolitan area networks - Specific requirements - Part 22: Cognitive Wireless RAN Medium Access Control (MAC) and Physical Layer (PHY) specifications: Policies and procedures for operation in the TV Bands

IEEE 802.22.1™-2010 PDF format IEEE Standard for Local and Metropolitan Area Networks - Specific requirements Part 22.1: Standard to Enhance Harmful Interference Protection for Low-Power Licensed Devices Operating in TV Broadcast Bands

IEEE 802.22.2™-2012 PDF format IEEE Recommended Practice for Information Technology - Telecommunications and information exchange between systems Wireless Regional Area Networks (WRAN) - Specific requirements - Part 22.2: Installation and Deployment of IEEE 802.22 Systems