About the Project

About the Project

It’s All About Protecting People

Though electrical incidents represent a relatively small percentage of all work-related incidents; they are disproportionately fatal and, in the case of burns, they may result in extended hospitalization and rehabilitation. The most frequently identified consequences associated with an arcing fault injury are thermal burns, shrapnel injuries, and hearing and sight impairments. In addition, electrical arcs often cause workers to fall, resulting in disabling injuries or death. In such cases, the cause of injury or death may be recorded as a fall, and not electrical, further distorting the real hazard.

IEEE and NFPA have agreed to collaborate on an initiative to fund and support research and testing to increase the understanding of the arc flash phenomena. The results of this project will provide information that can improve electrical safety standards, predict the hazards associated with arcing faults and accompanying arc blasts, and provide practical safeguards for employees in the workplace. Indeed, the IEEE/NFPA Arc Flash Collaborative Research Project is all about protecting people.


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