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IEEE 1142-2009

IEEE Guide for the Selection, Testing, Application, and Installation of Cables having Radial-Moisture Barriers and/or Longitudinal Water Blocking

Detailed information relating to the design, testing, application and installation of various types of electrical cables in order to prevent the deleterious effect of moisture and chemical ingress and resultant failures in service is provided in this guide. This includes single and multi-conductor cables over a complete range of voltage ratings. Testing criteria and installation methods covered along with many technical references.

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PE/IC - Insulated Conductors
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IEEE Power and Energy Society
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Sponsor Committee
PE/IC - Insulated Conductors
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Working Group
A11W/1142_WG - Moisture Impervious Cables Working Group
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IEEE Program Manager
Ron Hotchkiss
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Kenneth Bow


Guide for the Selection, Testing, Application and Installation of 300 V to 500 kV Cables Having Radial-Moisture Barriers and/or Longitudinal Water Blocking

This guide provides cable manufacturers and users with extensive information on the design, testing, application, and installation of cables that make use of radial-moisture barriers and/or longitudinal water blocking. Cable types addressed are rated from 300 v to 500 kV and include power, communication, control and instrumentation cables. This guide addresses means of protecting cables from the entrance of moisture through the use of polymeric super absorbent and other materials for longitudinal water blocking of stranded conductors and other spaces within cables. The use of metallic sheaths and longitudinally applied, metallic tapes with sealed seams will likewise be addressed.

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