IEEE Standards Working Groups

IEEE Standards Working Groups

In today’s interconnected world of technologies, industries, and geographical areas, standards are becoming more important than ever in simplifying product development, easing trade, and speeding adoption. IEEE Standards Association (IEEE SA) connects people from across the globe to raise standards for technology.

At IEEE SA, interested individuals and organizations form Working Groups to create and write standards. Through the open platform, volunteer participants collaborate to identify the market need for standardization, exchange industry knowledge, and expertise, and reach a consensus to push the realization of standards.

From WiFi to blockchain, and sensors to medical devices, IEEE SA brings together more than 600 active Working Groups that represent nearly 1,200 active standards and 1,000 projects striving to make people’s everyday lives easier. Whether you’re a consumer or in business, an educator or a policymaker, you can find a Working Group that relates most to your needs. Discover more about IEEE SA Working Groups, read important updates, and hear volunteer stories.

Looking to get involved in standards development? See how you can make your mark and raise the world’s standards.

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